Local governance

Наша діяльність у цьому напрямі зорієнтована на запровадженні механізмів громадської участі, а також на місцевому розвитку територіальних громад.

The school of drawing investments for public administration units of Western Ukraine

Short description

Project period

May 2014 – December 2015

Project leader

Małopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration – MISTiA FRDL (Cracow)

Partners in Ukraine

Institute for Policy Studies (Lviv)
Public center ‘Business initiatives’ (Ivano-Frankivsk)

Target group

Employees of local governance bodies and agencies of local development of 12 towns of Western Ukraine:

  • Volodymyr-Volynskyy (Volyn oblast);
  • Dubno (Rivne oblast);
  • Zhovkva, Mostyska, Truskavets, Yavoriv (Lviv oblast);
  • Burshtyn, Dolyna (Ivano-Frankivsk oblast);
  • Borshchiv, Chortkiv (Ternopil oblast);
  • Khotyn (Chernivetska oblast);
  • Slavuta (Khmelytskyy oblast).

Project budget

Overall budget – 801 410.00 PLN.
Ukrainian partner’ budget – 275 070,00 PLN.


Polish Aid 2014/2015 Program
by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland


First module – 2014:

  • Preparation and conduction of the round table with participation of foreign investors who already run activity on the territory of Western Ukraine;
  • Studying of investment barriers and needs among 50 small towns of Western Ukraine;
  • Conduction of intensive 12-day cycle of workshops on issues of forming of professional investment proposal and application the instruments of drawing investors for 30 specialists on investment policy of the Western Ukraine;

Second module – 2015:

  • Study visits of Ukrainian specialists on investment policy to Polish towns with a recognizable investment brand;
  • Processing of professional investment proposals for 12 Ukrainian towns, participating in the project;
  • Creation and publication the Catalogue of investment proposals of Ukrainian towns, participating in the project, informer for investor and informational internet-portal;
  • Development of plans for investment promotion of Ukrainian participating towns;
  • Development and publication the manual for Ukrainian public administration units on creation of professional investment proposal and its practical use for drawing investors;
  • Conduction of final conference with participation of representatives of Ukrainian public administration units and foreign investors.


Catalogue of investment proposals of towns participating in the project (in English, Polish and Ukrainian)

The catalogue consists of investment booklets of 12 towns. Towns portfolios and their investment proposals are included into the booklets. In whole 45 investment sites of different types are represented in the catalogue.

Manual on drawing investments

Investment web-portal InWestUkraine

Increasing of transparency and accountability of local deputies’ activity

Short description

Project period

May 2007 – April 2008

Target group

Leaders of deputy fractions of city councils, representatives of executive committees, NGO leaders, secretaries of city councils and representatives of informational sectors, representatives of rayon divisions of political parties of ten towns of Lviv oblast.

Project budget

13 267,00 EUR


The project was selected for implementation under the “Development of Civic Society” Program, implemented by the Committee of Voters of Ukraine in cooperation with the OSCE PCU with financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.


In the framework of the project the network of monitoring NGOs was established in ten pilot towns of Lviv oblast. Monitoring of openness and transparency of local councils activity was conducted and the re were initiated making changes to local normative acts for providing transparency and accountability of local councils and executive committees. The following activities was conducted:

  • 10 round tables with participation of leaders of deputy fractions of local councils, representatives of executive committees, NGO leaders;
  • one-day workshop “Methods of public participation in local self-government” – for of leaders of deputy fractions;
  • one-day workshop “Informational activity of local administrations” – for council secretaries and representatives of information sectors;
  • three one-day workshops for representatives of local divisions of political parties “Effective interaction with voters in inter-electoral period”.


Informational poster

Brochure “Informational policy of local authorities” (1000 copies) 67 p. The brochure is designed for informational services, local mass media, NGOs, pilot towns citizens.

Informational poster for informing citizens on particular features of appeals submission to local authorities. The poster presents in simple form the main provisions of the Law of Ukraine on citizens appeals. The poster is printed in 300 copies.

Analytical study “On the level of accountability and transparency in decision-making by local self-governments of ten pilot towns of Lviv oblast”.

The survey on the level of awareness about the work of local authorities, local deputies interaction with the public, public understanding of objectives and vision of local self-governmental bodies.

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